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After builders cleaning and post-works cleaning in United Kingdom

After builders cleaning

Nova Clean is an after builders cleaning cleaning company in UK that restores homes and all types of premises to their original state after construction work, the final stage before the premises are handed over to the end customer. Post-works cleaning is generally commissioned by the architect or building contractor who carried out the construction or renovation work, or by the owner of the premises themselves. Post-works cleaning is an important operation before delivery of the worksite, and it is also the cleanliness of the premises that will make the first impression.

It is generally carried out by a company specialising in end-of-site cleaning for all types of premises that have undergone transformations that have generated dust, plaster residues, building rubble and paint marks.

Nova Clean offers a site rubble clearance and post-construction waste disposal service and end of tenancy cleaning.

Cleaning after building work

Cleaning houses and flats after building work In UK

Nova Clean is a cleaning company specialising in cleaning houses and flats after renovation work or at the end of a new build in UK. We work directly with private individuals to help them move into their home in the best possible conditions after their building work.

There are several reasons why end-of-job cleaning is a difficult task for private individuals. When the building or renovation work is finished, all you want to do is move in. Construction work is always a stressful and tiring time.

Why use a company for end-of-site cleaning?

You've built or renovated your home, and put in beautiful materials that are covered in dust? Post-construction cleaning is complex, because you need professional cleaning equipment and products to leave your home healthy, clean and mess-free. Cleaning windows at the end of a project is typically a difficult task. How do you clean windows that have traces of paint and plaster on the frames without scratching them? We have professional techniques for this. Don't damage your brand new windows, and don't scratch the floors to remove paint marks, as this damage is irreversible, or almost. We regularly see a great deal of damage caused by homeowners who are exhausted when the work is finished and in a hurry to move in. It's essential to use the right equipment and the right products for each surface. Removing a layer of cement from new tiles is no easy task. A single-brush machine or a scrubber-dryer can sometimes be indispensable.

End-of-construction cleaningEnd-of-construction cleaning in buildings and business premises

The Nova Clean cleaning company offers end-of-site cleaning services for professional premises such as offices, administrations and medical facilities. Whatever the nature of the work, whether it's an extension, decoration, plumbing or painting, it will be necessary to clean up to make the premises healthy and clean. Disinfection of bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, washrooms and changing rooms is sometimes necessary to avoid bacteriological contamination. The premises must be clean for the sake of the company's image and the well-being of its employees. So how do you go about it?

How do you clean up after work?

End-of-site cleaning can be carried out in several stages, depending on the size of the premises and the extent of the work involved. After the structural work has been completed, it may be necessary to carry out an initial rough-cutting, clearing and removal of clutter before starting the finishing work. It may be useful to sweep and vacuum the rooms before starting the painting work. At the end of the plastering or painting work, it may be useful to scrape off any traces of glue, plaster or paint from the floors and windows. Once the floors have been refurbished, they can be damp cleaned and then polished, depending on the type of floor. Window rails and frames should be vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned. In bathrooms, any traces of silicone or glue should be removed.

The advantages of a post-construction cleaning company

The great advantage of using a post-construction cleaning company is that you don't have to worry about a thing. A good professional will use high-performance equipment, effective products and qualified staff. To reduce costs, it's a good idea to use a local service provider if several jobs are required.

Request a quote

End of building site cleaning before handover of the house
We are a project management company and we are looking for a company to clean the end of the building site before taking delivery of the house. Can you give us an estimate for cleaning the floors and bathrooms and a second estimate for cleaning the bay windows and windows? Please put the estimate in the client's name. I'm enclosing a plan of the house and the facades. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Cleaning a house after renovation work
I have a house with a surface area of around 170m2 that is currently being renovated and I'd like an estimate for cleaning it after the work: this will include a garden and DIY workshop, a laundry room, a cloakroom/bathroom, a corridor, a large games room, a boiler/oil tank room, a SPA and sauna area, a summer kitchen and a technical room for the swimming pool. Many thanks.

Cleaning after painting a house
I'd like a quote for end-of-site cleaning after painting work in a house. There are a lot of paint stains on the floor that need to be scraped off. This concerns the dining room, kitchen and bathroom (about 30m2). Thank you in advance for your quote.

Post-construction cleaning of a flat
I would like an estimate for cleaning a 35m2 flat after building work.

Including kitchen bathroom / velux x 5 / glazed door and bedroom.
New floating parquet floor
Bathroom floor tiles
Complete dust removal after renovation

Cleaning a flat after renovation work
Hello, I'm renovating my flat. I'd like to call in a specialist in post-renovation cleaning to clean the (empty) flat after the work is finished, ideally on 31 March.

My request concerns: dusting of floors (solid parquet), walls and ceilings over 52m².
There will also be a shower room (5.7m²) and WC (2m²) to be cleaned and disinfected (no dust in principle in these rooms).
There will be no rubble, traces of paint or plaster. I do not wish to have the windows cleaned.
Please send me an estimate.

Company specialising in end-of-site cleaning, following renovation work
I'm contacting you because we're in the process of renovating a 200m² building. I'm currently looking for a company specialising in end-of-site cleaning to carry out a complete clean of the premises.

The renovation work we're doing includes new carpeting, new suspended ceilings and fresh white paint. It's therefore important that the cleaning is carried out with rigour and professionalism to ensure an impeccable result. As a minimum, the cleaning should include dusting and vacuuming the floors, dusting and cleaning the woodwork (windows and doors), and cleaning the trunking and skirting boards if necessary. I'll also need to dust and clean the communal areas and staircase, as the property is on the ground floor (R+1).

I would like to ask your company for a quote for end-of-site cleaning for the premises in question. If your company is able to provide this type of service, please send me a detailed quotation including the various tasks to be carried out and the associated costs.

Cleaning estimate after renovation work on an empty flat
I need an estimate for cleaning an empty 72 m2 flat that we've just renovated. We need to remove the dust from the floors and walls after the work has been completed.
Cleaning of bathroom and toilet tiles, kitchen and cleaning of windows.

Cleaning a house after construction
Can you give me an estimate for cleaning a 100m2 house + 32m2 terrace after construction? It's urgent. If you can do it on Monday 27.03.2023?

End of building site cleaning and clearing up after renovation
I NEED AN ESTIMATE FOR THE FIN DE CHANTIER CLEANUP FOLLOWING RENOVATION AND A LITTLE CLEANUP: Surface area 90M2. THERE IS A STAIRCASE OUTSIDE THE BUILDING WHICH IS NOT IN USE THE PART VISIBLE FROM THE FLAT WILL ALSO NEED TO BE CLEANED. Inside, the newly tiled bathrooms need to be washed, all the windows need to be done, dust needs to be removed from the new parquet flooring and the newly fitted kitchen needs to be cleaned (inside and out). No walls need to be washed. I'll send you photos of the site.

End of building site cleaning in a house
I would like an estimate for the final cleaning of my 157m², 3-storey house with 6 bedrooms. The house needs to be :
- washing all the floors. Most of the work is on the ground floor, which is entirely tiled and contains the most dust and traces of plaster.
- dusting
- washing the windows
- wash window and door frames
-sweep the radiators
- wash the two staircases
- wash the 3 WCs

Major cleaning at the end of building a house
I'm finishing building my house and I need a big clean, the floors, the bay windows. Please give me an estimate.

In-depth cleaning following building work
Hello, we need an end-of-site cleaning company to do a thorough clean following sandblasting work on the outside of a wooden chalet. Surface area approx. 120m2. Can you give us an estimate?

End of building site cleaning after renovation of a flat
I would like to receive a quote for the final cleaning of an 80 m2 flat after renovation, including:
- Cleaning and washing of walls and windows
- Dusting and vacuuming
- Removal of various soiling (traces of plaster, glue, paint, etc.)
- Degreasing and scraping window edges,
- Dusting and cleaning cupboards
- Airing and disinfecting the premises
- Cleaning of both sides of windows - 2 windows + 1 bay window + 3 velux windows + 1 skylight.

Cleaning an empty flat after building work
Hello, I would like an estimate for a complete cleaning (floors, sanitary facilities, kitchen furniture, optional window cleaning) of an empty flat after building work.

Flat of 71m² with 2 bedrooms + 1 WC + 1 bathroom.
Tiled floor, identical in all rooms.
I haven't got the keys yet, so there are no photos to show the condition of the flat.

Cleaning a flat after work
Hello, I would like an estimate for cleaning a 54m2 flat after building work. I'd like the floors, furniture and walls cleaned, and my 6 windows inside and out dusted and washed.

Cleaning a house after work
We'd like to clean our furnished house (approx. 80m²) as soon as possible, mainly due to work carried out without (enough) protection. It's mainly sanding dust (plasterboard ceiling). Are you available at short notice?
Thank you very much. Thank you,

Company to clean a building site
I've had some work done on my house and I'd like to find a company to clean the site. The house is about 170m2. What would the cost be? Thank you for your feedback.

Cleaning before delivery of a new flat
I would like an estimate for the final cleaning before delivery of a new 94m2 flat, cleaning the floor (tiles and laminate), windows, doors, window frames, sanitaryware and bathroom tiles.

Complete cleaning of flat after major works
I'd like to have my flat cleaned after major works. There's tile dust on all the surfaces. It's a small flat of 28m2, with 3 rooms (living room, bedroom, bathroom). I would like a complete cleaning of the flat ceiling, wall, floor, accessories etc, as well as the windows. There are 3 windows.

Cleaning after renovation of a flat
We have recently finished renovating an 82.74 m2 flat. We would like it cleaned before offering it for rent. There are 8 windows, 3 of which are large. The flat is completely empty.

Total cleaning of a detached house after renovation work
Can you give me an estimate for the total cleaning of a detached house with 74 m2 on the ground floor and around 70 m2 upstairs after renovation work?

End-of-site cleaning of a granite terrace
I'd like an estimate for the final cleaning of a 40m2 granite terrace, the driveway between the garage and the house, and the granite paving around the house, as well as the gate and wicket door to remove cement joint splashes.

Post-works cleaning of an office building
We would like an estimate for cleaning the floors of an administration building after completion of the work.
3 levels, 200m² each.
Work to be completed within 3 weeks.

Cleaning of a building after completion of work
Please provide us with an estimate for the end-of-site cleaning of our building, including

Evacuation of all rubbish, rubble and remaining materials from the entire building, including exteriors
Scraping of glues, cements and resins;
Removal of tarpaulins and masking tape;
Remove dust from elements;
Cleaning all exterior glazed openings, including doors
Cleaning tiles after work;
Washing floors and walls;
Cleaning traces ;
Disinfection of premises and sanitary appliances;
As mentioned during our telephone conversation, the first cleaning phase will start in the first half of May 2023. Delivery of the building is scheduled for June 2023. We would ask you to include in your tender a cleaning service for the OPR, OPL and delivery of the work. Lastly, we would ask you to submit your quotation accurately by Friday 3 p.m.

Quotation for a complete clean-up after the works
Could you please provide us with a quotation for the complete cleaning of a 42m² hairdressing salon (see attached plan and photo of the facades)? The cleaning should include :

The floor (tiles)
Dusting of walls and furniture (reception desk, shelves, resale units, etc.)
Sanitary fittings (toilets, washbasins, shampoo basins, etc.)
Joinery (glazing, doors, etc.)
The site is located in the town centre. The work must take place on Friday 05 May at 10.30am. We look forward to receiving your offer. We remain at your disposal for any further information.

Cleaning a house after renovation work
Hello, I'm a private individual and I'd like to have my house cleaned after the renovation work that's in progress. Surface area = 300 m2 = kitchen, entrance hall, 2 living rooms, 1 TV room, 5 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms, cellar, 5 WCs. The work will be completed by the end of May. I would like you to work on 10 June. Details of the service = floors, dust, windows. Thank you for your feedback.

Call for tenders for end-of-site cleaning
I'm contacting you as part of a project to convert a hotel into a hotel residence. It's a 5-storey hotel with a surface area of 1300m². The aim of the project is to create 17 flats. The works are scheduled to start in April 2023 and finish in December 2023. We are at the stage of launching the call for tenders, so I'd like to contact you to arrange for the end-of-site cleaning. I'd be delighted to discuss the project with you and answer any questions you may have,

Estimate for end-of-site cleaning
Could you please provide me with an estimate for an end-of-site clean-up on 8 or 9 June? (date to be reconfirmed). We are creating an optical shop with a surface area of 130 m² on the ground floor and 130 m² upstairs (total surface area of 260 m²). The premises are currently being refurbished (electricity, air conditioning, flooring, paintwork, furniture, etc.). We look forward to hearing from you.

Estimate for end-of-site cleaning
Can you please give me an estimate for a final cleaning?

Date of work: Tuesday 9 May 2023. The surface area of the first area to be cleaned is 65m².

It includes cleaning:

Laminate shelves + brass aluminium surface
Melamine + aluminium drawer interiors (84 drawers)
Interior of reception desk and rear unit painted
Vertical surface above cabinet in structured glass and tiles
The floor is made up of carpet and tiles.

We are looking for a cleaning company for private individuals
We're looking for a company to clean our house for private individuals following building work: stairwell on 2 levels, 1 landing, 1 kitchen, shower room - (walls, floors, ceilings), approx. surface area of 70 m2 (taking into account the volume of the walls?) - fine dust following masonry work. Does your company provide this service?

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance for your attention to my request.

Cleaning a renovation site
I'd like an estimate, or at least an idea of the price, for the cleaning of a renovation site for a house of 70m2 maximum, on a single level, with part of the granito floor (around 40-45 m2) which absolutely must be sanded to restore its lustre.
As for the rest, it's all very standard: get rid of the plaster dust and clean the bay windows: 3 large single-leaf windows, a glass door and 1 3-metre sliding bay window.
The job is scheduled for late June or early July 2023.

Deep-cleaning a flat following renovation work
Hi, I have a 55m2 flat on two floors.
I'd like to give it a thorough clean following some building work.
The following tasks would need to be carried out

- deep cleaning of the floor because of a few stains
- dust
- Cleaning some walls and skirting boards
- Cleaning velux windows (ceiling height 3 m50)

Do you have your own cleaning equipment as we don't have any?

Company to clean a house after building work
I've just moved in and there's lead paint in my flat, which is in poor condition. The agency that rents the flat is carrying out work in the flat to remedy the situation, using professionals and a water mist to prevent lead dust from forming. However, I'm still concerned about the formation of lead dust during the work, as I live with a 2-year-old child. I'm looking for a company to clean the house professionally after the work to ensure that all the lead dust is eliminated.

If you don't know how to do this type of cleaning, I can give you more information. The key is to use disposable damp cloths and to use a different cloth for each surface. If you use a hoover, it should be fitted with a HEPA filter - however, this shouldn't be necessary as the painters already clean the property.

The house is 70 square metres. It has tiled floors, parquet flooring and there is a dressing room with a carpet. After this initial work, I'm also looking for 2 hours cleaning per week. Could you include a separate quote for this?

End-of-site cleaning following works
We need some end-of-site cleaning following works (refurbishment of all the hot water, ventilation and air-conditioning systems) in our 44-apartment tourist residence in June. Do you offer these services and if so, could you send me a quote?

Deep cleaning of an empty flat after works
Hello, I'd like an estimate for a deep clean of an empty 64m2 flat after building work that has created a lot of dust. The surface area of the premises to be cleaned is 64m2. The premises are completely empty. The tasks to be carried out are as follows

- dust removal from the walls
- dust removal from the floors
- cleaning of flat cupboards (shelves)
- cleaning the kitchen, including the inside of the fridge and freezer
- cleaning the floor of the long balcony (2m2)
- cleaning with parquet nourishing product

Cleaning company following work
We would have liked to call in a company to clean our house following a renovation project. The house consists of 3 floors of around 80m2 each. The 1st floor comprises a living room with kitchen, toilet, bathroom, study and utility room.
The 2nd floor has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. The top floor has an open-plan living area and 2 bedrooms.
We'd like to have a quote, knowing that we'd like it to be done over 2 days (1st floor 1 day and 2/3 another day to be able to move the boxes).

Cleaning at the end of a building site
I would like you to carry out a final cleaning of a building site:

- Cleaning the ground floor ~55m² laitance tile joint.
- Cleaning bathroom floor ~ 12m² laitance tile joint.
- Cleaning bathroom and shower room tiles ~15m² laitance tile grout.

Some building remains in the cellar of the house need to be moved. Photo attached.
Awaiting your estimate.

End-of-site cleaning following total renovation work
I'm an interior designer and I'm contacting you to carry out end-of-site cleaning following total refurbishment work on my client's 125m² two-storey flat. We need to:

- Wash the PVC flooring
- Clean 1 bathroom with tiling and furniture
- 1 WC
- Degrease a new fitted kitchen
- Wash interior & exterior windows (8)
- made-to-measure fittings (dressing room, bookcase, etc.)
- dusting light fittings
The cleaning must be done with precision so that my client can move in immediately after your intervention. We would like you to work during the week of 17/07. The space will be free of furniture.

Cleaning after renovation work
As agreed during our telephone conversation yesterday, Thursday 8 June, you will find attached the kitchen plan for our establishment, Clinique X., for which we would like you to clean after the renovation work that we are in the process of completing.

I have noted that we will be meeting on site on Monday 12 June at 14:00 so that you can carry out a survey of the premises and estimate the time needed to restore the establishment following the work. Based on the estimate you give us, we will be able to schedule the work for Monday 19 June.

Cleaning after home renovation work
How much would you charge for cleaning after renovation work on a 170 m2 house: 3 bedrooms + shower room, 1 toilet, 1 staircase, 1 living room, dining room, kitchen and an office. There is a large 4.70 m bay window in the living room, a bay window in the master bedroom and a fixed pane, and 3 windows + 2 small shower room windows. This is the first floor, the ground floor will be done in a second phase. Please let me know your price and turnaround time.

Estimate for cleaning a flat after renovation work
I would like an estimate for the cleaning of a flat after renovation, a T3 60 m2 renovated: parquet and linoleum floor + the 4 double windows for front/back panes (with water) + 2 sofas + all the kitchen cupboards (5) + mini-oven + bathroom + 1 bed with 1 wardrobe + skirting boards.
Work to be scheduled for Tuesday 20 June.
Thank you for your quote

Major site clean-up
Following on from the current project, the team would like to carry out an intermediate site clean-up in preparation for a future phase of resin laying.
This would involve the complete removal of rubble and other waste as well as vacuum dusting, as dust is omnipresent on the site.
A high level of responsiveness is expected, as the cleaning work must be completed before July.

Prices for cleaning a flat after completion of work
I would like to know your rates for cleaning a 99M² flat after completion of work, including:
- floor cleaning
- Washing windows
- Cleaning the bathroom and toilet
- cleaning the kitchen

Quotation for end-of-works cleaning for a new build
Can you give me an estimate for a cleaning job at the end of a new build of 117m² (plans attached)?

Cleaning of garage door + entrance door + washing of 10 windows.

Cleaning after works in a house
Hello, I'd like to contact you for a cleaning job after building work in a house. It's a bit of an urgent request, as the work is due to finish on 29 June and the house is due to be moved in the following day.
We therefore need someone to clean the house on Friday 30 June. The house is 220m2 over 3 floors and is undergoing major renovation work. The house will be largely empty except for some furniture that has already been delivered (sofa, beds). The work will involve a complete clean, including window cleaning.
Can you guarantee that the house will be completely habitable after your team's intervention?
Would it be possible for you to work on the house? Could you give us an estimate?

Post-work flat cleaning
I'd like an estimate for the cleaning of my flat after renovation work (complete renovation of a flat).
108 m2 flat
-Parquet flooring in living room and dining room
-kitchen and utility room, toilet, bathroom with tiled floor
- bathroom with bath and shower and 2 washbasin units
- 3 carpeted bedrooms
- windows in each bedroom and a bay window

The week from 25 July 2023 and before 31 July

Quotation for end-of-site cleaning for a restaurant
I would like an estimate for the end-of-site cleaning of a restaurant with a ground floor area of 170m2 and a ground floor area of 100m2, including windows and karsher on the pavement.

The work would have to be carried out in September. Can you send me an estimate by e-mail?

Cleaning company after work
I'm looking for a cleaning company after works and before moving in for a 160 M2 house. I need..:

Post-work cleaning
I'm contacting you to draw up an estimate for post-construction cleaning.

Our house is currently completing its renovation and we are due to move in on 10/11 August 2023. We would have liked a complete clean to be done beforehand. It's a 1933 house, on 4 levels but only 2 living levels. (0. basement at street level, 1. ground floor living area 2. 1st floor 3. attic)

There would be 1 and 2 floors to clean. The 1st floor comprises a 40 m² kitchen with dining room - a 20 m² bedroom + bathroom - a 20 m² lounge + a 20 m2 corridor & WC + a wooden staircase to access the first floor.

The first floor includes 3 bedrooms of 20 m² each (a bathroom with laundry room and WC of 20 m² not yet renovated, which will be done in September and therefore not included in the cleaning estimate).

Complete cleaning of 17 flats at the end of the works
I'm writing to you as part of the campaign to refurbish the barracks in the Île-de-France region for the 2024 Olympic Games. The barracks are one of the sites concerned.

To this end, I would like to carry out a complete cleaning of the 17 accommodation units at the end of the works (31 July), before the gendarmerie personnel move in.

I would like to know if you are available to visit the site, if possible this week.

If not, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can make the necessary arrangements for the rest of the operation.

Site cleaning
To follow up our telephone conversation, I'm sending you the plans and sectional drawings for a pre-acceptance and pre-operation site clean-up. Here are also the CCTP guidelines for cleaning:


Cleaning will be carried out in a MINIMUM of 3 stages:

. 1: before the Pre-Acceptance Operations (PAO)
. 2: before acceptance by the client
. 3: Perfect final cleaning in response to comments
General finishing cleaning,

removing all traces of mortar film, plaster, cement, etc. stains, paint or oil stains, including sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, washing, etc. and removal of waste resulting from the cleaning itself and from the sawdust beds protecting the tiles.

This cleaning mainly concerns :

- all exterior and exterior openings, joinery, locks, glazing, etc,
all exterior and interior openings, joinery, locks, glazing, etc. (inside
and exterior)
- removal of dust from suspended ceilings
- dust removal from all floors and skirting boards
- damp cleaning of vertical coverings, including earthenware tiles
- hardware fittings: door knobs, lever handles, etc.
- cleaning of cupboards
- vacuuming of technical cupboards and ducts
- miscellaneous panelling
- sanitary appliances and taps
- heating and ventilation equipment (air inlets, outlets, etc.)
- electrical equipment and light fittings
- all windows, glass and mirrors
- lift cabins and landing facades
- fixed furniture as specified in this programme
- visible pipes
- structures

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