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Hoarding cleaning services and house clearance in UK

Cleaning and decontamination of hoarding house and very dirty flats

Nova Clean company provides hoarder cleaning services in Uk. Our cleaning and disinfection company is at your service to clean unsanitary or hoarding houses that pose a health risk to residents or neighbours. Nova Clean is a cleaning company specialising in the disinfection, decluttering of substandard accommodation throughout United Kingdom, with a network of experienced professionals.

hoarding house cleaningThe most common cases of hoarding house

We generally clean substandard accommodation, compulsive hoarding following Diogene syndrome, hoarding house, squatting, eviction of tenants, burglary, cleaning after death, natural disasters or fire damage. We carry out extreme cleaning of substandard accommodation following Diogene (severe neglect by the occupant), Noah Syndrome (Compulsive Animal Hoarding) and syllogomania (compulsive accumulation of objects, rubbish over-cluttered house).Diogenes syndrome is characterised by social withdrawal, extreme self and house neglect, tendency to hoard objects, junk.

How do you clean up substandard accommodation, hoarding house?

We work in your home with an experienced team, using high-performance products and equipment for all types of extreme cleaning. Nova Clean complies with health protocols and respects the environment to clear, decontaminate and clean the dirtiest premises.

We use protective clothing, overalls, masks, gloves, goggles and disinfectant smoke to sort and remove waste and restore everything to its original state. All surfaces will be disinfected using detergents and disinfectants with a broad anti-bacterial spectrum to eliminate micro-organisms and viruses.

Why intervene quickly in very dirty or unhealthy accommodation in united Kingdom?

Hoarding house are not much appreciated in shared ownership. An unhealthy flat is detrimental not only to the health of the occupant, but also to the health and well-being of the neighbours. Odours and pests are detrimental to the building, as insects and odours can invade the building through ducts, air vents and under doors. Very dirty accommodation can quickly become unfit for habitation, which is why it's best to act very quickly by calling in a company specialising in cleaning and decluttering very dirty or unfit accommodation in United Kingdom.

hoarding disorder cleanupClearing, disinfecting and major cleaning of hoarding disorder: extreme cleaning

Nova Clean is an extreme cleaning company offering major cleaning of substandard accommodation, hoarding disorder, including sorting of belongings, waste removal and partial or total de-cluttering of substandard accommodation. We also offer cleaning of unhealthy cellars, very dirty garages, abandoned or very cluttered attics. Before decluttering the home, the belongings and documents to be kept should be sorted in agreement with the family.

Partial or complete clearance of hoarding disorder

Do you find your home cluttered with rubbish and unhygienic items? A cleaning company specialising in cleaning substandard accommodation and extreme cleaning will come to your home to clear, disinfect and clean the substandard house or flat. We also offer to empty the dwelling completely or partially if you wish to remove furniture or household appliances before undertaking any renovation work.

Thorough cleaning of all surfaces, hoarder cleaning

We carry out a complete clean, including scrubbing floors with a single-brush machine or a scrubber-dryer, washing windows, cleaning skirting boards, switches, sockets, doors, ventilation grilles and light fittings, and disinfecting the property to eradicate odours and bacteria.

Extreme cleaning: cleaning up after squatting or eviction

We are a company specialising in extreme cleaning throughout United Kingdom, disinfection and cleaning after squatting or eviction, offering waste removal and disinfection of unfit accommodation, water damage cleaning.

Cleaning of unsanitary buildings and premises

Our expertise does not stop at cleaning unsanitary premises. We also decontaminate, clear and clean unsanitary buildings and premises, sheds, factories and warehouses throughout United Kingdom. We clean derelict premises and buildings, or premises that have been squatted, as a result of bird droppings or the presence of pests. We are at your service to restore very dirty buildings and premises throughout Great Britain.

house clearanceCleaning up after hoarding disorder

The NOVA CLEAN cleaning, storage and decontamination company is at your service when you are confronted with Diogenes syndrome affecting a loved one. We offer cleaning of hoarding disorder throughout UK with a network of qualified professionals.

Regularly confronted with situations of extreme dirtiness and insalubrity, we have a great deal of experience in extreme cleaning, the most complex of which is Diogenes syndrome and hoarding disorder.

Nova Clean is a hoarder cleaningg company that offers you a comprehensive service and a single point of contact for sorting your belongings, disposing of rubbish, clearing out furniture, disinfecting and cleaning your house or flat.

How do you detect hoarding disorder?

Hoarding disorder is usually discovered without the knowledge of the person concerned, who tries to deny and conceal the problem to the very end. It is usually suspected by neighbours, alerted by the unusual behaviour of the person suffering from Diogenes. These are generally people who keep to themselves, are isolated, shy away from contact with others and are very careless when it comes to hygiene. Neighbourhood suspicions are heightened by unpleasant odours emanating from the home and by the unusual presence of insects. People with Diogenes syndrome try to hide the disorder by opening their door to others as little as possible. Diogenes syndrome is often discovered by chance because of a water leak that requires a plumber to come out, by a landlord or by the family.

Signs of hoarding disorder

Hoarding disorder is generally the result of neglect, with the sufferer completely letting themselves go, neglecting all the basic rules of hygiene and no longer maintaining their home. People suffering from the hoarding disorder generally accumulate all sorts of objects and belongings, but sometimes also rubbish bins and excrement. The situation can quickly become extreme and action needs to be taken quickly.

How do you clean up if you have hoarding disorder?

A hoarding disorder is generally unhealthy, with an accumulation of rubbish, bad smells, insects and bacteria. Cleaning up after a hoarding disorder is a difficult task, as you have to contend with foul odours, insects and sometimes pests, and above all protect yourself from bacteria. Protective equipment is essential: overalls, gloves, goggles and protective footwear.

House clearance, sorting your belongings and getting rid of rubbish

One of the most difficult tasks in a house clearance case is to sort out what needs to be disposed of and what should be kept. Sometimes a hoarding house is filled with rubbish bins and miscellaneous items up to 1 metre high, covering the entire surface of the home and making it almost impossible to move around. Even so, you'll need to sort through your belongings to keep administrative documents, medical records, correspondence and souvenirs. Then comes the task of clearing away the large accumulation of belongings and miscellaneous objects piled up on the floor, as well as disposing of various types of rubbish, spoiled food and cleaning up excrement.

The rooms in the home most affected by hoarding disorder

Toilets and kitchens are generally the rooms most affected by Diogenes syndrome. Accumulations of dishes that have not been washed for several months, spoiled food and rubbish bins make cleaning very difficult. Toilets are usually particularly unhygienic because they haven't been cleaned for months, and the toilet hasn't been flushed for weeks, sometimes with excrement on the floor.

Why call in a Diogenes syndrome cleaning specialist?

When you enter a Diogenes home, you quickly realise the need to call in a specialist cleaning company. Stench, insects, pests, excrement and months of rubbish are difficult to deal with. Airborne disinfection is essential before starting work in a healthier environment. Protective clothing is essential to avoid contamination. A lorry or skip is essential for removing waste. Care must be taken not to contaminate the common areas of the building or the neighbourhood. The waste must be disposed of at a waste disposal centre. All surfaces must be disinfected with bactericidal detergents that are effective against micro-organisms and viruses.

House clearance, disinfection and decontamination following hoarding disorder

hoarding house and declutteringIn these extremely dirty and unhealthy conditions, bacteria and infectious agents proliferate, endangering the health of the occupant of the home as well as that of nearby neighbours. We carry out a complete disinfection of the dwelling, both by aerial and fumigant methods, and by meticulous cleaning of all surfaces. We are regularly confronted with cleaning after a death where the person was suffering from hoarding disorder and in this case body fluids and blood are present.

All traces of body fluids and blood must be removed. Fabric furniture, mattresses, sofas and carpets affected by fluids should be disposed of and treated at a waste disposal centre. Carpets and wooden floors that absorb fluids must sometimes be removed to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and odours.

We provide a disinfection certificate for all cleaning hoarding disorder or after death cleaning.

We carry out:

  • Clearance of furniture, waste and rubbish
  • Disinfection and decontamination of the premises
  • Decluttering
  • Thorough cleaning of all surfaces
  • Odour elimination
  • We offer a personalised quote tailored to each situation.
Quote requests

Clearing, tidying and cleaning a studio apartment following Diogenes syndrome
I live alone in a 20m² studio in a student residence and I have Diogenes syndrome. I haven't done any real cleaning for several months.
I'd like a cleaning company specialising in Diogenes syndrome to help me clear out, tidy up and clean my studio before it becomes unsanitary.
Everything has to be tidied up, put in its place and cleaned.
I have a total of 3 large windows.
In furniture I have :
- 1 bed (2 single mattresses)
- 1 desk (wooden)
- 1 large table + 1 small table (wooden)
- 1 TV unit
- 1 shower
- 1 WC
- 1 washbasin with storage
- 1 kitchen unit with sink
- 1 dishwasher
- 1 fridge
- 1 large wardrobe

We look forward to hearing from you

Cleaning, de-cluttering and disinfecting a hoarding house
I would be interested in a quote from a company specialising in hoarder cleaning to de-clutter, sort papers, clean and disinfect my father's flat, which had diogenes syndrome.
The T2 flat is about 48 m2 with a cellar that also needs clearing out.
Thanking you in advance for your feedback, I remain sincerely yours.

Cleaning up after a death and hoarder cleaning
We are looking for a qualified professional to clean up after a death and hoarder cleaning. The deceased was found after 3 weeks and was suffering from hoarding disorder. The police have advised us not to enter the house.
The house (approx 70m²) is on one level and furnished. A decontamination certificate will need to be drawn up.
We would be grateful if you could send us a detailed estimate for this work, as well as your availability to carry it out as soon as possible.
Thank you in advance for your attention and responsiveness.

Complete cleaning of a house following hoarding disorder
I'm contacting you on behalf of a relative of mine who suffers from hoarding disorder. I'd like to know what your price would be for a complete cleaning of the house.
The house is about 100m². There is an entrance hall, a living and dining room, a kitchen, a toilet, a bathroom, 2 bedrooms and a small study and a garage. There are 17 windows (inside and outside) and the floor covering is tiled downstairs, carpeted in the bathroom and balatome upstairs.

Complete cleaning of flat following hoarding disorder
I would like a quote from a professional in cleaning after hoarding disorder for a complete cleaning of my flat following hoarding disorder due to severe depression. I can't cope on my own. I've gone back to live with my parents near Paris and got my life back on track, but this flat is dear to me and it's become my worst fear.
The floor is linoleum, it's 30m2 and there's also a 6m2 balcony. I still have a lot of clothes etc there.

Disinfection following hoarding disorder
I'd like an estimate and a deadline for cleaning an 80 m2 flat on the 4th floor without a lift, with disinfection following hoarding disorder.

Do you clean private homes? I'm making this initial approach for a patient who has Noah syndrome and who can't get in touch with companies that work for private individuals. They all work for companies or rental groups. I wouldn't want her to lose hope in the face of these refusals. If you work with private individuals, she will contact you directly.

Cleaning a hoarding disorder flat after storage
I'd like to ask you for an estimate for cleaning a flat where a lady with hoarding disorder.
The flat has been partly cleared and we would like to have the rooms cleaned (floors, furniture, walls and perhaps ceilings) affected by this first part of the clearance.

I'm available to make an appointment for an estimate on Mondays, Thursdays all day and Tuesday mornings.

Cleaning a very dirty, almost unhealthy cottage
My tenant left without cleaning my flat, a small town house of 38 m² + mezzanine 8 m² made up of 4 levels that has become very dirty, almost unhealthy. There's a strong smell of urine and dog faeces, and I think I need to clean the walls, ceilings, staircases and everything else to get rid of the bad smells and the grime on the stairs and kitchen furniture. I'm going to remove the remaining furniture, which isn't very valuable, as it'll be quicker than cleaning it, but there's still the small fitted kitchen (4 cupboards above, 4 cupboards below and worktop). I'm looking for a company that specialises in cleaning substandard accommodation. I would like a quote for an intervention please.

Disinfection and thorough cleaning of a substandard flat
I need an estimate and I'm looking for a cleaning company to deep clean my father's flat, which has become unfit for habitation. He was in hospital for several months and can't go into such a dirty flat. Everything would have to be disinfected and cleaned. It's a small 20m2 studio.

Clearing out, cleaning and disinfecting an hoarding house
I'm the owner of a 38 m2 studio flat that I've taken over in a totally unhealthy state. I need all the potential objects and furniture left in the flat to be cleared out, cleaned and disinfected. Please give me a quote.

Cleaning of faecal matter
The seller of the house I bought left his faeces behind. I've had a bailiff inspect the property and he's asked me to have it cleaned or to quote for the cleaning. The surface area to be cleaned is less than 25m2.

Flat cleaning: extreme dirtiness following hoarding disorder
I'm contacting you because we've just realised that my father's flat is extremely dirty due to hoarding disorder. We're looking for a company specialising in extreme cleaning to restore the flat.
I'd like a price range for a studio of around 20 m².

House clearance, decluttering and cleaning of unfit accommodation
I'm contacting you because my father has moved into a retirement home. Last Friday he moved out of the studio apartment he'd been living in for several years. I took care of moving my father's "salvageable" belongings, and a junk removal company will soon be emptying his flat (I'm currently waiting for their schedule) and "sweeping up", as they put it, i.e. a very, very light cleaning.

My father suffers from a deep depression and has probably not cleaned once in five years. Living abroad and not being on very good terms with him, I only became aware of the insalubrity of the premises when I went to collect him for his move last Thursday.

The place is very dirty, especially the kitchen (grease sticking everywhere) and my father has smoked a lot inside over the years, so everything is covered in a brown film of nicotine. It obviously smells pretty bad.

It's a ground-floor studio flat of about 35 square metres, and the lease for it expires on 21 April. As the place was still very cluttered when we left, I didn't think to take any photos, but I can ask the company emptying the studio to do so once their work is done.

By any chance, do you have any work available between now and then, and if so, could you please send me a quote as soon as possible?

Major cleaning of a very dirty, almost hoarding house
My wife is currently living in a very dirty flat that hasn't been cleaned for a very long time and has become almost unfit for habitation. The floor is littered with rubbish and dog excrement. Some of the furniture also needs to be thrown out. She would like a BIG clean-up of her home to make it liveable. Unfortunately, she will not be able to be accommodated during the cleaning as she has nowhere else to go. So we're looking for a professional cleaner of substandard accommodation to carry out the cleaning and disinfection. Can I ask you for a quote so that I can pass it on to the Justice ? You can get in touch with Madame to look at the home, as unfortunately I don't have any photos to send you.

I left my flat for 10 days and it's in an unhealthy state, with rubbish, bins and lots of dirt, especially cat urine and cat/dog droppings.
A lot of things to clean kitchenette, windows, wall, bathroom and kitchen cupboard. Please send me an estimate.

Refurbishment of an insalubrious flat
We would like a quote for refurbishing a flat that is unfit for habitation: removal of furniture and household appliances, cleaning of the living room and bathroom. It's a studio flat. Please contact me for more information.

Cleaning a hoarding house
Hello, I would like an estimate for cleaning my father's insalubrious flat, which is currently in hospital. The photo attached is of the kitchen, which is the dirtiest room, but the rest of the flat needs to be cleaned. There will be no rubbish and the flat will be almost empty, as we're going to remove the fridge, the gas cooker and his bed (there will be a large table in the living room and some boxes where we'll put his personal belongings). Her flat should be about 50 square metres (maybe less).

Cleaning up an unsanitary building after a squat
We own a building that has become unfit for habitation. The building is now up for sale, but we've had problems with squatting, in particular with people relieving themselves in several places, emptying fire extinguishers, dropping ducts, etc. Would it be possible for you to give us an estimate for cleaning this up? We're looking for a company to clean unsanitary premises. We only want a brief cleaning, with the rubbish removed so that we can start showing the building again with a view to selling it. The surface area is 4350m².

Cleaning and restoring a very dirty flat after squatting
I would like an estimate for cleaning and refurbishing a flat of about 50m2. It's a very dirty flat, which has been squatted for several months. I'm looking for a professional who specialises in extreme cleaning.
It consists of a bedroom, a bathroom and a living room with an open-plan kitchen. Linoleum floor.
Thank you for your prompt feedback.

Removing waste, disinfecting and completely cleaning an insalubrious house
We have a 90 m2 house on two floors with rubbish bins, rubbish on the floor, clothes, water damage and rats. The place is more than unhealthy. We need to remove the rubbish, disinfect and completely clean the house. Please send me an estimate.

Major cleaning, disinfection and waste clearance
Hello, I suffer from severe depression and am currently starting therapy. I would like an estimate for a major cleaning, disinfection and clearance of my unhealthy flat (35.33m3 + small terrace).

Decluttering and cleaning services in a hoarding house
I'm contacting you because we're looking for a company to carry out a de-cluttering and cleaning service in a substandard flat with rubbish removal.

The flat is occupied by a person suffering from hoarding disorder. The flat is very dirty, with a 20m2 room full of rubbish. The 40 m² flat is on the 1st floor without a lift.

Could you get back to me and give me an estimate for cleaning the flat?

Company specialising in extreme cleaning
Hello, I'm contacting you on behalf of my father, who lives alone in a detached house. I'm asking for a quote to disinfect several rooms in his house, which has become unsanitary: 2 bathrooms (8m2 each), 2 kitchens (5 and 12 m2). The rooms are not particularly cluttered but very dirty. They need to be thoroughly disinfected before regular maintenance can be carried out. I'm looking for a company specialising in extreme cleaning that can do the job. I'll be available this afternoon for a face-to-face discussion if necessary.

Cleaning a completely hoarding house
Following my call this afternoon, I'm coming back to you to ask for a quote for cleaning a completely unsanitary 2P 32m2 flat. The flat is infested with bedbugs and hasn't been cleaned for a very long time...

I've attached a video of the flat to give you an idea. I think the bed, curtains, carpets and sofa are good to go.

I look forward to receiving your estimate.

Unsanitary flat to be cleaned
As just discussed on the phone, here are the photos of my father's unfit to clean flat. Some useful information:

- flat measuring approximately 60m²

- bedroom, bathroom, WC, entrance hall, large living room, kitchen

It will be necessary to :

- wash surfaces (floors, walls, furniture, windows)

- remove rubbish

Do your services include washing floor carpets, curtains, drapes and armchair covers?

Company for deep cleaning of hoarding disorder house
We're currently looking for a company to deep-clean the substandard accommodation of one of our protected adults. The flat is around 60 m². I haven't seen the accommodation and don't have any photos, but the medical team described it to me as unfit for habitation ++. Would it be possible for you to send me an estimate?

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