Flood damage restoration and water damage cleaning in UK

Water damage cleaning services and flood restoration in UK: Nova Clean

NOVA CLEAN cleaning offers water damage cleaning services in UK and flood restoration, decontamination following water damage or disinfection after flooding of your home or premises. NOVA CLEAN company works to restore premises to their original condition, offering a wide range of services including waste removal, cleaning and decontamination.

water flood damage cleaningDisinfection and cleaning after water damage or flooding

Nova Clean offers cleaning services after water damage or flooding in flats and houses, cellars, garages and car parks. Are you looking for a water damage cleaning company? We disinfect homes after water damage and dry out garages and cellars after flooding caused by bad weather. The Nova Clean, fire damage cleaning and disinfection company carries out decontamination and cleaning for professionals, businesses and offices throughout UK.

Water damage can be caused in a number of ways. Sudden flooding caused by adverse weather conditions, broken pipes or other water leaks, both inside and outside your home or business, can be the source.

Or water damage may be caused by firefighters fighting a blaze to prevent the total loss of your property. Whatever the cause, when water damage occurs, the consequences can be devastating.

Not only does water damage the structure of your home or business, but it can also destroy your furnishings, electrical appliances and more fragile items.

For the best water damage restoration services, you can count on Nova Clean. We are a trusted and reputable water removal and restoration company. Our worldwide experience and years of service prove it.

No matter how water damage occurs, the consequences can be very distressing. As well as causing damage to the building, water damage can be very damaging to the electrical and electronic equipment, furniture and documents in your home.

water damage cleaningCleaning up after natural disasters: earthquakes, storms, tsunamis and mudslides

Nova Clean specialises in cleaning up after natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, landslides, forest fires, marine submersion and tsunamis. Nova Clean also carries out mudslide clean-up, evacuating mud and earth and restoring damaged premises to their original state with a complete clean-up.

Climate change is increasing the risk of natural disasters, which tend to increase every year. Hurricanes and earthquakes are particularly devastating and cause a great deal of damage: roofs ripped off, trees fallen, houses devastated. We are at your service to clear all types of damaged premises and to clean up after natural disasters.

Quotes requests of our clients

Cleaning after water damage to a ceiling
I've just had water damage to my ceiling and I'd like to have an idea of the rates you charge for restoring the ceiling. The water damage is said to be caused by water leaking from the neighbour's flat through the ceiling. The neighbour has already repaired the pipe that was causing the water leak, and we need to repair the ceiling. Attached are photos of the current state of the ceiling.

Cleaning and decontamination following water damage
Hello, following water damage in my kitchen, I'm looking for a water damage cleaning company to decontaminate the surfaces. I need it urgently. Please contact me for an appointment. Surface area 10 m2.

Cleaning up after water damage
Following our meeting, I'm sending you photos of the water damage caused by the cleaning of the building column. As a result, the tile joints are soaked and marked with blackish marks and 2 sofas, the bottom of which have been soaked by capillary action of this black water with persistent odours. I am waiting for your estimate (make 2 separate estimates: joints - sofas), taking into account the need to move various items of furniture and protect the walls from splashes caused by cleaning with brushes.

Cleaning a floor following water damage
Following water damage, I would like to have a damaged and scratched floor cleaned with a wet hoover. I'm enclosing photos of the floor to be renovated. It is a hard PVC slab glued to the floor. The surface area is 18m². Complete replacement with new tiles would be too complicated, so I'd prefer to opt for a cleaning and refurbishment solution to improve the appearance. Can you please confirm whether your company can do this?

Deep-cleaning a cellar following water damage
I need a water damage cleaning company to come and deep clean our cellar which has been flooded following water damage (sewers rising up into the cellar which is tiled). It's a house. The surface area to be cleaned is relatively small - I'd say 40 m².

Decontamination following water damage
We would be grateful if you could go to the building referred to above to carry out the following work:

Decontamination of the common areas of the building following water damage:

The dressing room
Main staircase to second staircase (from ground floor to 2nd floor)
Cleaning a mobile home following a fire
I would like an estimate for the cleaning of a mobile home following a fire. With kind regards.

Cleaning and disinfecting following water damage
Over the last few days, our administrative site has suffered water damage. This sewage incident has caused moderate flooding in some areas, and water has also penetrated one of our floors and spilled onto the cupboards in our mailroom. Now that the sewer problem has been resolved, some areas of our site have become dirty and there is still a particularly unpleasant smell.

We would like to have a floor area of around 70 m2 spread over 2 levels cleaned and disinfected, as well as the skirting boards and the tops of around ten cupboards.
I would be grateful if you could provide us with an estimate for this relatively urgent service.

Flood clean-up
We've had flooding on our biogas purification platform.

We'd like to know your rates for cleaning up after water damage to this 600-700m2 platform. I have attached some photos.

It is possible to visit the site to draw up an estimate.

Estimate for cleaning after water damage in cellars
In our capacity as trustee of the above-mentioned residence, we would like to have an estimate as soon as possible to follow up sewage damage in the cellars of the above-mentioned residence. You can contact Mrs F. or Mrs C. on site.

It's important for you to be able to react quickly as there will be a health and hygiene problem very soon. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible so that we can draw up an estimate for cleaning up after water damage.

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